Blessed am I to be peacefully sitting at my desk with my new Sukhasana Chair, which in sanskrit means easy pose, and refers to sitting cross-legged (easily that is). This chair is made for me. I sit cross-legged everywhere, even in fine dinning establishments. I first sat on the Sukhasana Chair when I was teaching in San Francisco at the Yoga Journal Conference in January of this year. I walked by on my way to another booth, and stopped to sit on this Star-Trek looking, alluring seat. I sat and I was sold.

I couldn’t get it right away, so I brought the picture and carried it with me until I placed it up on my wall so I could see it everyday.

Now I have one, poof, magic!

It is incredible. The most comfortable chair I have ever sat on. It supported me sitting for hours to write. My body doesn’t like to sit at my computer for long periods of time, but today I was here for 6 hours straight.

I am not saying all this to promote long-sitting at a computer screen, but I have to say, it is incredible to have this kind of support for my seat and back while here.”

~ Hemalayya

hema IMG_8842